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"Think Like A Chinese Chef And Cooked Like One"

Welcome to Chinese Recipes Online, Chinese food are all about taste, (sweet, salty, bitter and syicy) fragrant, presentation and work of art. Today Chinese food have spread throught the world and enjoy by many diners.

Have you ever dine at a Chinese Restaurant and say "how did they do it, it delicious?" or read a Chinese Recipes book and say "you have to be a chef to cook that dish!"

Search no more the answer are all in this site. Chinese Recipes will guide you the secret of Chinese Cooking. So please do yourself a favour bookmark this site.

Here you will learn and discover the technique used by Chinese chef. Actually there are no magic in Chinese cooking. You just have to know the simple basic technique. Its easy to learn.

If you are new to Chinese cooking start with the basic Chinese Cooking technique. Many of this techniques are not mention in recipes books. not only share free Chinese recipes but is also a reference guide to Chinese Cooking site!!

Images showing the dishes, ingredient, utensil, step-by-step and much much more... described in detail.

We will be adding alots more recipes from time to time. (video coming Soon)

So start browsing and enjoy learning Chinese cooking the easy way. Dont forget to bookmark this site. Happy Cooking.

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