Common Name : Banana
Botanical Name : Muas paradisiaca

Banana are grown mainly in tropical countries. It is a tree like large herb with a trunk fromed by overlapping leaf bases. It can reach up to 9 m in height. There are many verities, banana fruit size from a small as 3inch to 15 inches in length. Fruits are produced all year round.

Banana are harvest in bunches and cut in to smaller bunches called "comb" see image. A sting is loop in between the fruit for hanging.

Infact the whole banana tree can be used from the trunk to the flower and banana fruit. After the fruits are harvest, the trunk are chop down and inner trunk which is white in color can be used for cooking.

The leaves are used for wraping food, lining in wooden cakes moulds and Indain used a cut up banana leave piece as a dinner plate for eating.The stem of the leaves are used to make ropes.

Depands on types, riped banana fruits are used for fry fritter, dessert, banana cake and eaten raw, remember to peel the skin first ofcourse. The local asian bananas are sweeter and some with tinner skin. The image show are called "mai chew" mai means rice and chew means banana in Cantonese. It is called "mai chew" because of it small size.

These are small type, it sweet in taste, yellow when ripe, can be used in dessert or others cooking.

Hang the comb of babanas with a string, store open, comsume when ripe.(some banana come green or unripe)
Unripe banana have a sappy taste.

Asian Fruits - banana

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