Cashew Apple


Cashew Apple


Common Name : Cashew Apple
Botanical Name : Anacardium occidentale

The famous excellent flavour of the cashew nut.
But many have not seen the fruit of a cashew nut and where the seed of the nut located!

And how many have tasted the juicy fruit of this plant? See image on the right, the yellow pear shape fruit is the fruit, below the fruit atached "G" shape is the cashew nut covered with its shell.

The cashew apple when ripe is very fragile which is why is not sold commercial in the market.
It can, however, be found at fruit stalls near cashew-growing regions. The slightly elongated fruit is about 2.5inches long, with an interior of white flesh. Eat the fruit only when fully ripe or it is unpleasantly astringent. The ripe fruit is sweet, crisp and juicy with a faint rose perfume.

Uses of the cashew nuts, cakes, baking, cooking, cashew suger clusters, cashew chicken salad, cashew shrimp, cashew juice and sold a cashew gift pack nuts.

For cooking buy raw cashew nuts, rosted or wok stir fried (without oil) before used.

cashew apple

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