Common Name : Coconut
Botanical Name : Cocos nucifera

A tropical palm mainly grown in the tropical countries. Many hotels serve welcome coconut juice drink. The bottom of the whole coconut is cut open to the shell and pulp or meat, what inside is the coconut water.

Coconut tree can reach to a hight of 30m or 90 feet. The unbranched trunk is ringed by scars from fallen leaf bases and the tree is crowned by a tuft of 20-30 long pinnate leaves.

The image on the right is a whole coconut fruit with stem attached. To reach the edible the smooth hard thick skin husk have to be removed to reach the shell which protected the coconut water and white coconut meat for flesh. The meat and water are edible.

There are many many usage in the coconut, The coconut fruit are used for coconut milk, coconut juice ,water coconut, desiccated coconut, coconut beverage, organic coconut oil, coconut cooking oil, coconut cookies, coconut cream, coconut pie, shredded coconut, coconut ice, and many others.

For home recipes, Asian used coconut as an ingredient, Coconut milk for curry and dessert, grated coconut for ganish over Asian cakes, coconut oil for cooking and many others uses in recipes.

Infact the whole coconut tree are usable, The tree trunk for building materials, the leaves for weaving, coconut husk for making ropes, beding, fuel and the shell for making ladle, and decorative made material.

Old or ripe coconut are brown in color which are mainly used fro Asian cooking, because the old coconut meat or flesh are thick. It is grated and than milk are extract, used for curry recipes or dessert.


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