Common Name : Durian
Botanical Name : Durio zibethinus

The Druian is called "King Of Fruits"
The tree can grows up to 40 m in height, with a slander trunk, with thick branches high on the trunk. The durian fruits are seasonal, twice a year beginning and mid. Mainly grown in tropical countries, like Malaysia and Thailand.

The fruits are exported to neighbouring countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and China.

It round to elliptical, weighing up to 3 kg. The surface are covered with thick spines. The fruit is a capsule splitting into 4-5 parts at maturity. The brown large seeds are embeeded in a soft, juicy, cream-colored pulp which is edible. This pulp is the aril.

The pulp is remove from the seed and used in dessert making, filling in cakes and cream puff, ice cream, durian cakes.
Most like to eat as fruit. These are heaty when consume too much. Drinking salt water to reduce heatyness of the body or eating some mangosteen fruits.

The smell of the fruit is very strong, some can't stand the smell. But others like it very much. Durians are favorite fruit among the Asian.

 Asian Fruits Durian

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