Common Name : Longan
Botanical Name : Dimocarpus longan Lour

Longan also known a "Dragon Eye". The longan is native to southern China, in the provinces of Kwangtung, Kwangsi, Schezwan and Fukien in China.

The longan tree can reach to a height of 9-12 m and 14 m in width, with rough-barked trunk to 76.2 cm thick and long, spreading, slightly drooping, heavily foliaged branches. Longan trees are planted in rows.

Longan fruits are seasonal, usually fruit in the mid-August.

Longans are much eaten fresh,out-of-hand, it taste sweet, juicy and has it own longan flavor, canned or dried. The canned logan are used in dessert and dried longan are used in soup. In China, the majority are canned in sirup or dried.

The canned fruits were regularly shipped from Shanghai to the United States in the past. Today, they are exported from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Store in fridge and eaten when cold will taste better. Can be store up to 4 days.

Asian Fruits - longan  (Dragon Eye)

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