Common Name : Mango
Botanical Name : Mangifera indica

Mango trees was believed to be a native of eastern India. Now grown widely in the tropical countries in SouthEastAsia. Countries that export mangos are Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, philippines and India are major exporter.

The mango fruit vary emormously in shape and size, from almost round to oval and a slightly beaked at one side. The skin or epicarp is smooth may be green, yellow in color. Ripen when yellow in color, the flesh is thick and juicy mesocarp in bright yellow. It has a single seed in the center.

Uses, Select mango that are firm, thick at the center with no black marking or sign of spoil.
Peel the mango fruit skin with a peeler, and sliced a big chunk lenght wise both sides. Cut to smaller chunk and serve. Ripen mango fruit taste sweet and creamy, the unripe will taste sour, eaten with Asian style fruit sauce or salt.

Mango fruit are also used in dessert, ice cream mango , dried mango, mango chutney, mango sauce, mango chicken, mango sorbet, mango cake, mango juice or drink and the list go on...

Green mango fruit or unripe are used as pickle and Asian rojak.


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