Common Name : Mangosteen
Botanical Name : Garcinia mangostana

Mangosteen fruit is know as Queen Of Fruits in some parts of Asia. Mangosteen tree are cultivated in many equatorial countries. The tree grow slowly and can reach the height of 40 feet, the mangosteen tree produces a resinous sap.

The mangosteen fruit developed without fertilisation. It is round and 2 - 3 inch diameter with smooth, thick and firm rind. It riped with a red-purple color, the flesh or pulp are white ( pericarp ).

Only the white pulp of the mangosteen fruit are eaten or juiced, it is made of 5-8 rind. It sweet and plesasnt in taste. Today mangosteen have many uses, in medicine, health and benefits like xango mangosteen, zango mangosteen, mangosteen health are some mention here.

Eating mangosteen are know to cool the body system after eating some heaty food or fruits like durian.

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