Common Name : nutmeg
Botanical Name : Myristica fragrans

Mutmeg tree native to the Moluccas of Indonesia and Eastern Malaysia. Nutmeg are widely used as spices in cooking recipes.

In the image the large black brown seed covered with red mace network called an aril. The seeds are dried and powdered, used as spices in cooking recipes like stew.

The red aril are used in medicated oil. While the fruit flesh, have a sappy taste. It have to be pickly before eaten.

Uses, very seldom nutmeg are eaten raw because of it sappy taste. There are many ways of getting to the nutmeg flavour by extrecting the juice with slow cooking for a refleshing ice cold drink.
Manufacture market nutmeg product are nutmeg oil, nutmeg spice, nutmeg sauce, nutmeg essential oil, nutmeg chocolate, nutmeg bread, nutmeg oilment. It was said that nutmeg oil or cream help reduce inflammation of insect bites.

Supermarket will only sell powdered or whole dried nutmeg seeds ina jar.

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