Otaheite Apple


Otaheite Apple


Common Name : Otaheite Apple
Botanical Name : Spondias cytherea

A native Southeast Asia fruit, It might be mistaken for a small green-skinned mango, as it has the elongated shape of that fruit, as well as a similar resinous smell and smooth skin. Mainly grown in Malaysia, thailand and Indonesia.

The fruit size measure from 2.5 to 3 inchs and is sometimes called the ambarella.
Inside the Otaheiti apple there is a star-shaped central core with five small.

The oval fruit has a relatively thick rind and the flesh inside is hard and crisp, with a tangy taste when still unripe. Best taste unripe.

When ripe, however, the flavour can he quite good and tastes something like a mango-flavoured apple.

Uses, fruits salad and pickle,

Tips: peel skin before used. Due to it small size used a fork pierce the apple, holding the fork abd the fruit give a better foothold than used a peeler to peel the skin.

otaheite apple

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