Common Name : Papaya
Botanical Name : Carica papaya

Orgin from tropical America and now planted all over the tropics. Asia like Malaysia now produce papaya fruits and export all over the world. The plant is a soft-tissue, very quick growing but short-lived. Can grow up to 12 feet in height.

The papaya fruit vary greatly in size, shape and flavour. They are roughly oblong, commonly about 10 to 12 inches long. The skin is thin and smooth, it flesh ripen from creamy-yellow to tomato red.

When choosing papaya fruit, must be firm without dents. Riped ones are orange or yellow in color. It slightly soft but firm. Green one are unripe.

Uses of papaya fruits, eat it on it own of course skined and seeded, papaya juice. As the green ones are used as papaya salad and pickle.

Skin the papaya and cut lenght wise, used a spoon to removed seeds and pulp. Cut into cubes and serve.

Papaya have good source of fiber and vitamins.


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