Common Name : Pineapple
Botanical Name : Ananas comosus

Native in South America and now pineapple plants or tree are widely cultivated in Southest Asia. Many varieties are cultivated in Southeast Asia. The biggest one are from East Malaysia called Sarawak pineapple it can weight about 5kg.

The pineapple plant have long, narrow, basai in a rosette and have sharp spiny edges. So becareful when handling pineapple fruit.

Selection of pineapple fruits, choose fruit that are frim, yellow and large square patch on the skin. (Larger the better).

The yellow flesh is juicy and taste sweet but slightly acidic. If it taste sour sprinkle some common salt on the fruit. The salt help it taste better and also your tongue will not feel uncomfortable.

Skinned pineapple fruit before used. Good for juice, dessert, pineapple jam, pineapple cakes, cooking, canned, pineapple deco, pineapple upside down cake, ganish, pineapple punch, pineapple rice, baking.



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