Common Name : Pomegranate
Botanical Name : Punica granatum

A native to Southwest Asia and may grow to a height of 4 m or 12 Ft with interlaced spiny twigs and branches. Many Chinese keep a pamegranate tree for luck and other superstitious reason.

The fruit are round about 5-10cm across with thick, leathery skin that ripens from greenish to red. Inside the bright yellow rind are several chambers cotaining numerous pink seeds embedded in transparent, shiny, reddish pulp which usually sweet and juicy.

How to eat pomegranate, only the reddish pulp are eaten. Not a fruit that can be eaten without attention. Just peel a hand full of pulp and lightly chew the juice and spit out the seeds.

Other uses, pomegranate salad, pomegranate drink, pomegranate jelly.

Companies manufacture pomegranate drink, pomegranate tea, pomegranate liqueur, pomegranate sauce, pomegranate jelly, pomegranate molasses,and said to help antioxidant.


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