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Common Name : Rambutan
Botanical Name : Nephelium lappaceum

Rambutan a tripical tree orginated in Malaysia. It can grow to a height of 15 to 20 meters.
Fruits hang in bunches on long woody stalks and the color changes from green to red or orange (orange yello varities) It is characterized by the soft hair-like spines on the surface of the rind, a thick whitish pulp which is sweet and juicy, and a large central seed with a light brown seed-coat. Seasonal twice a year June and September.

During fruiting season, the brunches will droop due to the weight of the fruits. There can be thousands and thousand of fruit in one tree on good harvest.

Remove red skin and eaten, fruit salad, dessert, eaten as a fruit and comes in canned, Canned rambutan comes from Thai or thailand. It taste sweet, has it own nice flavour.

Best is to try it before buy. If it is sweet and the flesh is easily remove from seed, the lot are a quality pick.

Asian Fruits - rambutan

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