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Common Name : Starfruit
Botanical Name : Averrhoa carambola

Starfruit is native to Java, now grow all over tropical area. The fruit lenght is 5-14cm, are waxy, smooth, thin-skinned and green rapening to a deep yellow. They are deep ridged and star-shaped when cut across. The flesh is soft and juicy and tastes from sour to very sweet. Produced fruit year round.

Eat it on it own with or without some salt, juice (claim to remove body heatyness and thirst quencher, just add some salt)and salad, makes a good fruit juice drink.

It taste alittle sour (the green one, ripe yellow ones are sweet) and very juicy and refreshing taste.

Choose the large pale green ones which taste sour-sweet. The yellow ones are riped and soft but sweet.

How to eat starfruit, Cut fruit lenght wise and removed the few pale brown seeds may be found embedded in 1-2 rows in a thin but tough skin(removed skin) that runs fron the base to apex. Add a little salt makes it taste better.
Serve cold.


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