Chinese Cleaver


Chinese Cleaver


Chinese Cleaver

The Chinese cleaver was invented during the imperial period. This is one of the greatest culinary invention used in Chinese kitchen.

Today Chinese top chef cannot do without a Chinese cleaver.

Those days there were made of iron, today there are made from fine metal like stainless steel, harden steel and so on.

Good brands to go for are properly henckels cleaver or global cleaver. The image on the top are made of high quality harden steel, even the handle is made of steel, are made in China.

Below image show 2 types of cleavers, the top one is a vegetables cleaver which is lighter half a heavy as the full size cleaver.

Note: Cleaver are dangerous knives, DO NOT PLAY WITH IT.

You will be fascinated what a simple invention can do. It a chopper, a meat mincer, a crusher, meat tenderizer, it fillet well, a peeler, a slicer and a scraper. It a multi-purpose all in one kitchen tool. Like a Swiss penknives but better with only one blade.

Image on the right top parts of the Chinese cleaver.

The back edge:
can be used for breaking tough soup bones and shell, and also use a meat tenderizer.

Sharp edge:-
The inner edge:
Used for chopping hard bones, like chicken thigh bones, spare ribs, fish bones.

The front edge:
Used opening a plastic pack and make accurate cut.

The mid-section:
For chopping meat (mincer meat), slicing, cutting, peeling (larger vegetable), thin cut, thick cut, fast chopping of vegetables.

By laying the cleaver flat, with a scoop action the cut food are display on plate.

Using the cleaver:
Chinese chef cannot do without a Chinese cleaver. Now you briefly understand what it can do. Learn how to control the cleaver is very important. See other section in cooking guide different ways of using the brilliant invention. See Cooking guide.

Care and storing cleaver:
Regularly sharpen the cleaver with a butcher steel to keep the edge sharp. Remember a sharp knive is a safe knife. A major sharpening is done if edge is blunt. A sand stone is a good choice to resharp a blunt edge.
Always wash the cleaver with soap and warm water, dried and store in the knive rack.
Caution: "Keep Out Of Children Reach"

Get a heavy stable cutting board is important. During cutting the chopping must not move. This will help you to cut better. It is dangerous is the board is not stable.
Buy a thick round hard wood chopping board.

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