Curve Spatula


Curve Spatula


Curved Spatula

The Spatula
The development of the long-handled shovel-shape metal sptula was because of the wok's unique shape. The curved design fit the wok's sloaping sides work perfectly. Every Chinese kitchen at least one.

Curve spatula makes quick stirring and tossing of foods a snap, preventing burning.
With its shovel-type base, it also doubles as a serving utensil.

Spatula today are made from many material.
rubber spatula, wood spatula, metal spatula, plastic spatula, steel spatula. I prefer steel and the handle right for my wok size.

Chinese Chef used ladle instead curve spatula for stir-fried. If you look at the restaurant kitchen layout, is so much different for home. So it more pratical to used curve spatula for home cooking.

The image on the right, curve spatula belong to me. The wooden handle was broken, I used a make shift handle. Why not buy a new spatula? Because it is season, works well for me for many years.

curved spatula

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