Cutting Board


Cutting Board


Cutting Board / Chopping Block

With the invention of Chinese cleaver, cutting board was also invented along. Usually made of good, solid hardwood heavy cutting board preserves not only your kinve's edge but also your countertops. Every Chinese have at least one or more than one.

Our cutting board was actually the cross section of a heavy hardwood bought at supermarket.
Just visit your favorite department, discount, or grocery store. But before you buy a few things have to consider.

What you will be chopping or cutting most.
Choose a suitable size at least able to chop up a chicken carcass, must be heavy. Can be any shape, but I prefer a single piece wood.

Try using the cutting board available in your kitchen. Place a damp cloth below the cutting board to stabilize during cutting. No matter which type of board you select, hardwood or plastic — work with it only on a steady, level surface that doesn't slip.

Cleaning your cutting board thoroughly with hot, soapy water between uses.
Investing in two different boards is another possibility.
To remove the odors of strong foods, thoroughly wash your cutting board and then rub the cutting surface with a freshly cut lemon half.

Cutting board care, after every cooking, cutting board should be wash with warm soapy water with a scrub, wipe and hang dry.

Note: Tempered glass cutting board not sutible for Chinese cleaver.

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