Fish Scaler


Fish Scaler


Fish Scaler

Fish scaler are for removing scales from whole fish. The one in the image I have will trap all the scale in a chamber which can be dump out when finished or full, comes with a slide out cover.

The two sided serrated blade allow for right or left handed user. This one is made of cast metal, worked with me for almost 10 years. Today they were made of hi-impact plastic fish scalers.

The conventional fish scalers are very messy, the scales fly all over the kitchen floor and stuck to the wall.

Cleaning fish is a mess especially the scaling part. Best let the fish monger do the job for you.
Now a days you can get a electric fish scaler or automatic fish scaler. Unless you do alot of fishing is worth getting one. Make life easier.

To scaled fish, hold the tail firmly and brush the scaler against the fish scales.

The conventional fish scaler, best scaled the fish in a large enough plastic bag. The bag will trap the flying scales. Good luck...

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