Chopstick / Chinese Bamboo Chopstick

Along with the history invention of wok, curve spatula, Chinese cleaver and now the Chinese bamboo chopsticks. Bamboo chopsticks was said to be invented four thousand years ago.

During the ancient days, chopsticks was also used as a wepon in Kung-fu time. Today Chinese chopstick are used almost every part of the world. Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Hongkong, China and most Asian countries used chopsticks.
Many Western country are using and learning to used chopsticks.
Four thousand years till today chopstick design remain the same, 2 identical stick!

Chopsticks comes in pairs, Long ones for cooking and the regular for dining. Chopsticks play an important role in Chinese kitchen. Uses, as an eat beater (no need batteries!) make shift steam rack, form into a tic-tac-toe shape in the wok, mixing ingredients, lifting whole boil chicken, and many other uses.

Chopstick are sold in a bunch of 10 pairs or sets.
Set comes with 2 pairs of chopsticks, cloth sleeve and stand for each pair, boxed nicely in a gift set.

Chopsticks are made from bamboo, plastic, wood, stainless steel, golden, silver, titanium, jade and ivory. The common chopsticks used are painted bamboo, unfinish bamboo and wood, plactic, disposable chopsticks, and kids chopsticks. Very cheap to buy.

chinese bamboo chopstick

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