Oil Strainer


Oil Strainer Asian Style


Oil Container with Strainer

Chinese uses lots of oil in cooking. But today people are more health conscious. Used less oil and purchased cooking oil with lower cholesterol or cholesterol Free oil.
Select cooking oil with polyunsaturated fats labels.

Today in the Oriental Supermarket one can purchased a wide range of cooking oil.
Ok back to the topic... Chinese uses a oil cointainer to stored used cooking oil after a deep fried cooking. The stored oil are strained to remove food particles.

The used cooking oil are re-used for regular cooking. It will be a waste to discard. Unless the oil color change to very dark color.

Tips: Depand on the deep fried, some times the oil will have a pervious cooking food smell, which will disrupt when re-used the oil. My mum fry a green vegetable leaves to remove the smell.

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