Chopstick Egg Beater


Chopstick Egg Beater


In ancient China, where no moden electrical egg beater or hand metal egg beater. Chinese make used of what they have in the kitchen. Chopstick have many function in a Chinese kitchen. Here is one of the usage.

Holding the chopstick in a regular way, with the chopstick end apart, whisk the egg in a circular motion, until you get the mixture right for the cooking recipe.

During whisking other ingredients can be added, like salt, light soy sauce, pepper or chop up vegetables or meat. Make a good omelet. Just be creative, that Chinese cooking.

The chopstick not only used as a eating utensil but can be used for others usage as well. It like a swiss knife. It can be used as a hot oil tester, steamer rack, mixing, lifting whole boil chicken, longer chopstick for handling deep fried food, mixing noodle and what ever you can think off.

Buy the unfinished chopstick for the above mention used, the nice chopstick used at the dinner table.

Chopstick used as  egg beater

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