Chinese Cooking Guide

***What you need to know to start Chinese cooking and much more.....

Basic Chinese Cooking Guide a must for beginner.


Chinese Cooking Guide
A little history, ancient China Chinese chef have been using the basic wok, ladle, Chinese cleaver and chopstick to cooked meal for family or an army in large scale. Today moden Chinese chef used the same traditional untensil to cook meals. The only changes are better material used. But some pefer the traditional.

If you have visited a Chinese restaurant kitchen and witness the Chinese chef showing off it skill. You will be facinated with a fiery wok show, and ask yourself how the hack I going to learn Chinese cooking!!??...

Properly the most important section in learning Chinese cooking. You will learn how to used the Chinese cleaver, prepare ingredients, what type of wok? cast iron wok ? , non stick wok ?or electrical wok ? Seasoning wok how to and many other Chinese cooking utensil will be discribed here and not to forget safety.

Learn these basics will give you a better understanding and makes learning Chinese cooking easy like ABC. You will be surprise how easy.

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