Crushing Garlic With Chinese Cleaver


Crushing Garlic With Chinese Cleaver


Chinese cleaver is a wounderful invention, you can do lots of stuff with a cleaver. This section is easy to do. Crushing garlic with a Chinese cleaver.

How to crush garlic or other vegetables with a Chinese cleaver. You need a cutting board and Chinese cleaver. Holding the cleaver and rotate your with the blade facing away. Give a snack on the garlic with the flat side of the blade.

When placing the food or vegetables to be crush, make sure the cutting board is sturdy and the flat side of the food or vegetables lie flat on the chopping board.

Example, garlic have a round side, Do not place the round side on the cutting board, place the flat side of the garlic. Otherwise the garlic will fly out of the cutting board.

crush garlic with cleaver

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