Deep-frying method is cooking food with ample amount of hot in a Chinese wok. Deep-frying used less oil than the conventional pot. Most diner love deep-fried food, because of the taste, crispiness and smell good.

How deep-frying cook food, the hot oil is heated to about 330°C or 375°F or you can test it by frying a piece of vegetable leave or a little batter if it sizzle quickly it ready for deep frying.
When the foods are added to hot oil, the surface of the food is quickly seal, forming a coating the oil cannot permeate.

Problem arise when oil is not hot enough, too much oil will soak in the food and too hot, the outside of the food may burn before the inside is cooked.
Image on the right deep-fried shrimp. Holding the shrimp by the tail and dipping in whipped egg and slide the shrimp into the oil.

With the help of a long chopstick turn the shrimp until all side are golden brown.

Caution: Hot oil and water do not mixed, it will splatter and hot oil can scald. Pat dry food with kitchen towel before frying.

Different food cooked at different time. Best cut the food equal in size. Dont add to much food at a time, it will stick togeather during frying.



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