Dice Cutting


Dice Cutting


Dicing or dice cut means cutting the food in to small or large dice shape depending on recipes.

How to dice cut, you need a cutting board and a Chinese cleaver. Cut meat or vegetables in lenght of sticks. Line sticks up perpendicular to the blade, and slice stright down across them, creating cubes like in the image.

Dice cut vegetables like carrot, potato, meat can be used for soup. Smaller dices of carrots can be used for as ingredient in fried-rice.

Larger dice for beef, carrot and potatoes are used in stew.

Cutting the dice meat of vegetables same size make cooking evenly. Chinese cleaver works better because of the broad blade and can cut more a single stroke. The wehigt of the cleaver also help to ease cutting hard vegetable like carrot or alike.

Dice cutting method

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