Hot Oil Test


Dice Cutting


Hot Oil Tester

Many recipes call for "heat up oil" question is how hot is hot ??
You can feel the heat rediant from the wok. But is it hot enough ?
If you can see smoke the oil is too hot.

Food will not cook well if oil is not hot enough or too hot, your food will soak in oil, and too hot it will burn the food fast and not cook properly.
Here is a simple oil tester, get a pair of unpainted or unfinish bamboo chop stick. Stick the end of the chop stick in the oil, if it bubbles rapidly the oil is ready for cooking.

See others authentic Chinese method of using Chinese Bamboo Chopstick, egg beater, steamer rack

Do Not Used chop stick that are colored or coated. The hot oil will burn the color.
If you dont have a chop stick, option used a small piece of vegetables leaf (caution!! drain leaf if wash, hot oil and water will splatter) to test the oil. If the leaf fry quickly it ready.

Larger dice for beef, carrot and potatoes are used in stew.

Cutting the dice meat of vegetables same size make cooking evenly. Chinese cleaver works better because of the broad blade and can cut more a single stroke. The wehigt of the cleaver also help to ease cutting hard vegetable like carrot or alike.

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