Julienne Method


Julienne Method


Julienne is a technique of cutting ingredients in to sticks. (See image) Many Chinese chef like to show off this technique, by fast cutting. This need practice. But not to worry you can slice slowly. Remember sharp knife help cut better and will not slip like a blunt knife while cutting.

How to julienne, you need a cutting board and Chinese cleaver. Thin slice the carrot lenght wise than stack a few slices and used slicing technique cutting stright down through the stack creating sticks.

Example of ingredients need to be julienne for cooking used, ginger root, carrot, cabbage, chili, bell pepper, turnip and many others. Check your recipes.

Can be used for salad, garnish, steaming, and stir-fried.

For 1/8 inches sticks, sliced the carrot or vegetable 1/8 thickness and julienne method 1/8 of an inches adjacent.

Juilenne or shredding method

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