Long Chopstick For Deep Fried


Long Chopstick For Deep Fried


Chinese Chopstick Comes in 2 length, the regular one for eating and the longer one for cooking used. The long Chinese bamboo chopstick is 18 inches in length. This help to keep heat in a distance during cooking.

Used the long chopstick like regular used. For turning deep fried food ( by the way it deep fried shrimp with batter.) and picking up cooked food for hot oil. The metal strainer help to drain access oil.

In China town, Chinese chef used long chopstick to handle boiled noodles in a deep well of hot boiling water. With the help of a large skimmer the chef skillfully pick up the noodles and place on a serving plate.

It work better than metal tongs, which absorbed heat easily.

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Long Chopstick foer Deep Fried

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