Scooping Food With Cleaver


Scooping Food With Cleaver


After food are cut on the cutting board, placing the cut food from the board to a serving plate called for a bit of technique. But this is a easy to learn technique.

How to scoop food using Chinese cleaver. You need cutting board, Chinese cleaver and already cut food. Place your free hand over the food, lightly pressing it. The other hand with the cleaver. Turn the cleaver by lying it flat on the cutting board and the blade facing the food to be scoop.

Slide the blade with one motion with the free hand guiding it. With all the food on the flat side of the blade and the free hand on the food, transfer the food on a serving plate.

This time do the reserved, with the free hand on the food guiding the arrangment, slide out the blade in one motion.

How to scoop food with  cleaver

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