Sharpening The Cleaver


Sharpening The Cleaver


The saying goes "A sharp knife is a safe knife". Keeping your Chinese cleaver sharp is important. It help to cut food nice and neat with a single stroke. Do the tomato test of sharpness.
If the cut with one stroke without squashing the tomato the knife is sharp.

Maintenance of the knife sharpness are done when heavy cutting and chopping is done. Otherwise sharpen it every few days for normal daily used. During storing prevent knocking the edge, will dull the blade.

How to sharpen or maintain sharpness of cleaver? You need a cuttering board, steel or butcher steel and of course the good old Chinese cleaver.

See images, hold the steel firmly and placing the tip on the cutting board. (see top left image) Postiton the cleaver at a 20 degree angle to the steel with the blade facing down the handle. Than push the blade downwards along the steel pulling it towards you. (see top right image)

Move the blade to to other side (see image bottom left) and repeat the step above.

Repeat eight to ten times on each side of the blade. Than do the tomato test.

If the blade loses it edge and become dull or blunt, The steel will not replace back the sharpness. Major sharpening have to be done using a whetstone.

Sharpning the cleaversteel sharpening the cleaver

sharpen at 20 degsharpen the cleaver
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