Chopstick Rack used in Steamer


Chopstick Rack Used in Steamer


Another wonderful way of using Chinese bamboo chopstick as a emergency rack for steamer. See image on the right. This method only work on Chinese wok.

Used 2 pairs of Bamboo chopstick, lay them like a tic-tac-toe. Make sure it evenly lay, slowly pour water in the wok to 1 or 2 inches below the chopstick. Close the wok lid, when water boil, open wok lid.
Used a plate with uncook food to be steam (like a prepared steam fish recipe) that will sit properly on top of the tic-tac-toe chopstick.
Steam until the food is just cook and remove with a wire tongs (a special tool for removing steam food)

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Note: If you are not comfortable with this method, please do not try. Used a proper wired steaming rack for wok steaming used.


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