Washing Wok


Washing Wok


Care of your work is important, this will give your Chinese wok a better life. In ancient China iron cast Chinese wok wash and clean by a bamboo brush.
Today you can buy all types of wok cleaning brush.

How to clean your Chinese wok? You will need a wok brush (see image) and dish washing liquid.

Squirt some dish washing liquid on the wok with some water (warm water should be used), brush the wok in a circular motion until all food are remove. Than rinse the wok with water until clean.

Do the same to the bottom of the wok.

Cleaning wok with burn food stick on wok can be remove easily. Place wok on stove, heat wok with water (about a cup or two). Let the water boil and watch all the sticky food float up from the wok surface.

Washing Wok

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