Black Rice Vinegar


Black Rice Vinegar


Black Rice Vinegar in bottle.

Black rice vinegar is very dark in colour and rich, though mild, in taste. Made from glutinous rice. It is cheap just a few bucks a bottle in your local Chinese store. The black vinegar taste sour but have it own special flavour different form white vinegar. And its also used in a different way from white vinegar. Cannot be replace with Apple cider vinegar nor white rice vinegar.

Chinese woman comsume lots of stew pork trot in black vinegar and ginger after given birth to a baby. This is called comfinement months, usually last for 2 months.

It is used for braised dishes, stew, sauces, and sometimes as a dipping sauce for crab. Example of a dipping sauce, some dark vinegar on the small sauce plate and some julienne ginger root over it.

Not sure white rice vinegar can be used as weight loss, but some say vinegar are good for health.

They will keep indefinitely in it own packed bottle, and store in a cool place.

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