Chinese Rice Wine


Chinese Rice Wine


Rice wine is used extensively for cooking and drinking throughout all of China, the finest of its many varieties to be from Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province in eastern China. It is made from glutinous rice, yeast and spring water.

Chefs use it for cooking as well as in marinades and sauces. Now readily available in Chinese markets and in some wine shops in the West, it should be kept tightly corked at room temperature.

A good-quality, dry pale sherry can be substituted but cannot equal its rich, mellow taste. Do not confuse this wine with sake, which is the Japanese version of rice wine are quite different. Western grape wines are not an adequate substitute either.

Used in stir-fry, steam, double boil, marinating, stew, braise.
When used in marinating meat, it work like a meat tenderizer.

Keep tightly corked at room temperature; they will last indefinitely.

Chinese rice wine or  cooking wine

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