Coconut Cream


Coconut Cream


Coconut cream.

Coconut cream are made form grate coconut meat and milk are squeeze out and futher process to made it thicken. Image on the right are ready used pack. This samll pack contain the amount od one large coconut.

Coconut milk, also from fresh grated coconut meat and than a small amount of warm water are well mixed and place in a cheese cloth bag and squeezed out the milk. If you want better taste in your recipes this home made coconut milk will be the best choice. If choice is not given than the pack coconut cream will do.

Most brand works well, buy only the amount needed for your recipe. Keeping the balance in the fridge longer than a week is not a good choice.

NOTE: Coconut juice is different from milk or cream. Coconut juice or water comes from the coconut fruit store within the shell and meat.
On tropical vacation The hotel serve coconut drink from the coconut, is actually the juice.

Using the cream or milk, For curry, cold and hot dessert, cakes, spicy stir-fry.

Coconut cream

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