Dried Bean Curd Sheet


Dried Bean Curd Sheets


Dried bean Curd Sheets. (C. Foo pei)

Bean curd sheets are made form soya bean. The soya bean are soak till soft and grind, and strained to retain the juice. The soya bean juice is than boil in large opening pots. The boiling juice from a layer on top of the juice and slowly thicken. Once the layer are large enough, it is lifted with a stick from the center of the pot.

The layer will be dried like bed sheet. Once it dried the color change to light yellow and become almost crispy. Pack and sold.

Recipe for bean curd sheet, used in meat roll for deep-fried. Some bean curd sheet are salty, used a clean damp cloth to wipe the sheet before used.

Store in a cool dry place. Used before expire date. Not wise to store in fridge, it will dry up the sheet too much and make the sheet too crispy to handle. If that the case, sprinkle water to soften it when used.

dried bean curd sheet

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