Dried Shrimps


Dried Shrimps


Dried Shrimps

Dried shrimps are used to perk up fried rice or mixed with meat dishes to give an added dimension.

They are sold in packages or loose and may be found in Chinese and Asian speciality markets. They are made from fresh shrimp and dried under the hot tropical sun for weeks. Packed and sold in the market.

Look for the brands with the pinkest colour and avoid greyish ones. Larger ones are more expensive. Buy those that are about 1/2 for general used.

Soak dried shrimp in water for 20 minutes, to soften and remove some salt. Chop or used whole depand on the recipe. Stir-fry, soup, curry and steam.
When cooked, the dried shrimps' strong odour is moderated, and they add a delicate taste to sauces.
Dried shrimps will keep indefinitely when sealed in a glass container and stored in a cool dry place.

dried shrimp

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