Dry sherry wine


Dry sherry wine


Dry sherry wine.
It you cannot obtain Chinese rice wine, dry, pale sherry is a good option. Do not use sweet or cream sherries. Like sweet sherry are not sutible.

Used in stir-fry, steam, double boil, marinating, stew, braise.Chinese chef normally used Chinese cooking wine, but dry sherry wine is a good option.

Cooking wine can be used to remove fishy, meaty or green smell during cooking. Can be also used in drunken shrimp recipe. Where live shrimp or prawns are soak in cooking wine for a few min. before cooking. Steam fish with a dash of cooking wine will remove fishy smell or mud smell from fresh water fishes. Like catfish, talipah fish.
When used in marinating meat, it work like a meat tenderizer.

Keep tightly corked at room temperature; they will last indefinitely.


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