Fine Salt


Fine Salt


Fine Salt or common salt or sodium chloride.
The simple salt are the primary ingredient for Chinese cooking recipes, in fact all types of cooking. Most recipes cannot do without salt. Even salt is not one of the ingredient, but the soya sauce contain salt!

In fact salts comes in lots of form in the market, like sea salt, rock salt, less sodium salt (healthy choice), and table salt and properly more...

Cooking salt come in two form fine and coarse. The fine are used for regular cooking, like in stir-fried, braise, seasoning, mixed with other ingredients. The coarse salt are used for pickle, preserved meat, vegetables and fruits. This process uses large quantities of coarse salt.

A good example are making Chinese ham, salted fishes, and salted vegetables.

I don't see any exipred date on the box, Used until finish.

fine salt

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