Dried Mushrooms


Dried Mushrooms


Dried Mushrooms
Mushroom are grown from mushroom spores in a controlled environment in mushroom farms. You can buy fresh harvest mushroom from the farm.

Fresh mushrooms are dried, selected and pack.

There are many varieties, black or brown in colour. The very large ones with a lighter colour and a cracked surface are the best.

These dried mushrooms are usually the most expensive so use them with a light touch. They can be bought in boxes or plastic bags from Chinese grocers. Chinese used as a gift pack during visiting or festival season.

Japanese dried shitake mushroom are also one of the favorite choice. It is mush more expensive, thicker, better texture and fragrant.

Some of Japanese shitake mushroom are now grown in China which is much cheaper than grown.

To use, soak the dried mushrooms in a bowl of warm water for about 20 minutes until soft and pliable. Squeeze out the excess water and cut off and discard the wood stems.

Only the caps are used. The soaking water can be saved and used in soups and as rice water. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve to discard any sand or residue from the dried mushrooms.

Used in stew, braise, steam, stir-fry and soup. Bigger mushroom are half.

Dried mushroom that are light in color, fragant and thick are quality pick.

Store in a cool place in a airtight jar.

Dried Mushrooms

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