Dried Oyster


Dried Oyster


Dried Oyster
Good dried oysters comes from China, the bigger the oysters the more expensive. Fresh oyster are harvested and dried.

The big ones can be a good size to about 2 1/2 inches. Buy medium 1 inch and large ones for soup and braise.

During Chinese New festival (January - Febuary) or also known as lunar year, we usually purchase raw dried oysters in a sticks.

These are large size and very expensive. Stir-fry with hair fungus (Canatonese, Fatt Choy), this dish mean in chinese "Hoe See Fatt Choy" means Good things and Good Luck. A must in Chinese New Year.

Medium ones are used for soup, congee. Just drop a few clean soaked dried oyster at the begining of cooking. It will add a sweet seafood taste to the food.
For stir-fry, braise, stew medium or larger ones can be used.Soak them until soft in a bowl of warm water for anywhere between an hour and overnight. Used whole.

Store in a plastic container in the fridge, will last a long time.

dried oyster

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