Crab Congee


Crab Congee


Crab Congee

This is an interesting seafood dish, easy to cook. All you have to learn is to prepare the crab. The crab make the congee very sweet and tasty.


1 Liter of plain congee or plain porridge.
1 Medium size live crab, shell, cut into 1/4 section, crack claw shell. Leave the main shell whole.
2 Stalk spring onion, Chop, (garnish)
1 inch ginger slices.
salt and pepper to taste.


Put congee in clay pot togeather with crab and ginger in high heat and bring to a boil. Than lower the heat until crab turn red. Using a ladle stiring it occasionally to prevent congee sticking to the pot and also help the crab to cook evently.
When ready add salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with chop spring onion.
Serve hot in a rice bowl.


Ginger will help to remove fishy smell and a few slice will not cause the congee to taste spicy.
While preparing the crab and ingredients, cook the plain congee first.
Optional sliced fish can be added.
1/2 cup of rice with 3 to 4 cups of water, cook with high heat when boil (cover with lid). lower the heat until cook. If water not enough add 1/2 cup at a time until enough.
Remember congee will over flow when boil.

crab congee recipe

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