Crabs Curry


Crabs Curry



Try this curry crab recipe for a change. The spiciness (pungent) of this dish greatly depends on the type of chilies. So if you enjoy spicy food select bird eye chilies.


6 small raw flower crabs
3-4 green chilies, chop finely
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
4 inch piece lemon grass, finely sliced
2 inch piece fresh ginger, shredded
11/2 teaspoons salt
1 3/4 cups thick coconut milk


Make sure crabs are killed before handling. Crack open shells underneath. Remove all inedible parts and rinse again. Using the flat blade of a cleaver crack shells and claws to allow the seasonings to penetrate the meat. Chop the crab into quarters with legs intact.
Heat wok, add crabs and sprinkle on chopped chili, turmeric, lemon grass, ginger and salt. Give it a good mix with the spatula. Pour on coconut milk. Set on moderate heat and simmer, covered, until crabs are cooked and sauce thick and well flavored.


-Other choice of crabs can be used. Best used live crabs.
-Notice there is no cooking oil in this recipe. The coconut milk will produce oil when cook.
-Eating using your fingers is the best way to enjoy this dish.


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