Fried Eggs With Anchovies


Fried Eggs With Anchovies


Fried eggs with anchovies recipe

If you do not know what to cook, this is a simple and nutritious dish and very fast to cook.
Lots of calcium from the anchovies for strong bones and teeth.
Anchovies are small dried fishes, like small white fish or silver fish. You can buy white or silver fish dried in the Chinese supermarket or store.

1 ½ oz. Anchovies (Dried small Silver Fish type)
4 Eggs.
¼ tbs Salt.
½ tbs Chinese rice wine or Dry Sherry
2 tbs of cooking oil.
½ tps of Sesame seed oil.
Dash of white pepper.

Rinse fish, drain well.
Whisk eggs with chopsticks or fork and add fish,
white pepper and sesame seed oil mix well.
Heat cooking oil in wok. Swirling to coat the upper side of wok.
Pour in egg mixture. Allow egg mixture to set,
then quickly stir fry till egg cook and remove and serve. Or simply serve it over a plate of steam rice, this is a meal by itself!

Note: This is not pan fry method, used stir fry method.

fried eggs woth anchovies

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