Common Name : Asparagus
Botanical Name : Asparagus officinalis L.

Asparagus are expensive vegetables and a prized as a delicacy, properly growing aspragus take longer for the plant to mature and harvest. The asparagus plant erect perennial with tall feathery shoots and tuberous roots.

The tuberous roots of some wild Asparagus species are used in medicine or as food in China.

Asparagus can be widely bought in many supermarkets. Choosing asparagus, the green shoots are erect and firm, the spear head or crown must be tight. Best to buy enough or used quickly.

The green shoots, especially the crown or spear head are rich in vitamins B and C and in carotene. There are many uses, asparagus soup, stir-fried, blanch, boil, BBQ, grilled asparagus, steamed asparagus, asparagus salad and create you own recipes with asparagus. Example chop asparagus into small cubes for fried-rice, or stir-fried asparagus with chop garlic with shrimps. Just be creative !


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