Bamboo Shoot


Bamboo Shoot


Common Name : Bamboo shoots
Botanical Name : (Bambusaceae)

A tropical China bamboo, fresh whole bamboo shoots are young bamboo shoots that emerge form the side at the ground of a bamboo tree or plant. It is usually cone shape. the young bamboo shoots are harvested and sold in the Asian wet market. careful handling the shoot, its cover with fine hairs may pricked your hands.

The layer of young leaves covering the shoots must be remove. Not much is left after removing the leaves. The young center pulp (when grown will be the woody bamboo tree) . The pulp must be boil to remove the toxic before used.

If you do not know how to prepare fresh bamboo shoots, buy the optional, canned bamboo shoot, dried bamboo shoot or plastic packed bamboo shoot can be used.

Today you can fresh buy ready edible bamboo shoots in seal packs, dried, canned. Bamboo shoots are used in stir-fried, braise, and soup. It slightly crunchy and taste mainly come from the braise flavour.

Infact the whole plant are usable, the trunk are used for weaving basket, poles, building material, small floating boat and the leaves are used in packing (lining) Some variety have bigger leaves are used for wrapping dumpling.

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