Bell Pepper


Bell Pepper


Common Name: Bell-shaped pepper
Botanical Name : Capsicum annuum var. grossum

Bell pepper, some called it sweet pepper. Rich in vitamins A and C. Comes in green, red and orange colors. Actually the green ones are unripe. Its a non pungent. Undoubtedly of American orgin, but now it grown in many parts of thw world. It grow better in a cooler climate condition.

Many Chinese chef used these pepper for stir-fried. Different colored pepper are used for the same dish to make a striking and colorful dish.

Cut in length wise, remove seed and the soft center. Can be cooked togeather with peas, meat, shrimps and cauliflowers or broccoli in chop-suey dishes and eaten raw.
Can be bake, used in BBQ, stuff with meat and etc..

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