Common Name: Bittergourd
Botanical Name : Momordica charantia

Bittergourd slander, climbing annual fruiting plant. The skin texture are with 8 to 10 longitudinal ridges, between which are mainly smooth, irregular outgrowths.

The young fruit is emerald green turning to orange-yellow when ripe. The fruit is never hard but splits at maturity.

Choose the fruit that is only green in color, orange-yellow are no good. Wider ridge are not so bitter. Can be bought at all asian market.

Uses, fruit are cut lenght wise, seeds and pulp are removed. Depend on the usage it may be cut in lenght wise 2" by 1" or slice at cross-section thinly or thick 1/4 inch.

Used in soup, stir-fry, and stew. Taking bittergourd may help reduce body heatyness and lowering cholesterol.

Here is a method my mother used to reduce or remove the bitterness, after cutting the bittergourd (check the recipes) soak it in salt water for 10-20 mins and squeeze out the water for the bittergourd and used.

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