Common Name: Broccoli
Botanical Name : Brassica oleracea

Broccoli is similar to cauliflower but terminal and axillary green head of unopen buds are produced.
It is not as compact as cauliflower and is harvested just before the flower open.
Eating broccoli may help detox and cancer.

Broccoil was said to be orginally hails from italy, hence its name brocco means "sprout" Now they are grow almost any where that the plant can adept.

Chinese restaurant used broccoli in their top recipes, like braise sea cucumber with broccoli and braise abalone with broccoli, to name a few.

Choose broccoli with tight head with small buds. Buds that blooms are no good. The whole head and stalk are used.

Uses, can be eaten raw, cut into florets and remove skin from stalk and cut into chunk. Stir-fried with meat, seafood, and others crunchy vegetables like carrot, button mushroom.

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